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Tian Eng offers one of the best choices for Lion Dance and Dragon Dance performances for any joyous functions, big and small. We will create color, sound and flair with a touch of traditional flavor for any events with our professional team of lion and dragon dancers. Lion dance and dragon dance is a combination of acrobats, instruments and color and Tian Eng have them all.

Lion Dance Plucking Green

Lion Dance Baby Lion

Lion Dance Big Head Doll

Lion Dance Cross Bridge

Lion Dance Twins

Lion Dance Wedding

Lion Dance Jumping Hills

LED Lion Dance

Dragon Dance

LED Dragon Dance

3 Types of Stilt: Traditional Stilt (Wooden type - Most Popular), Metal Stilt & SkyRunner/Jumping Stilt Stilt walkers Appearance, Stiltwalking Appearance / Stiltwalker Costume Rental / Supply Stiltwalker Talent, Supply Stilt walker talent, Stilt walkers for Hire / Stilt walker with all characters, and for Chinese New Year celebration / Sky Runner/Jumping Stilt for rental / Custom Stilt walkers Costume / Multi-Racial Costume for Stiltwalker / santa claus stiltwalker, santa claus stiltwalking